Community Service System is being Introduced 03.04.2007

The Minister of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration approved the rosters of community service positions of the staffs of the community heads of all the communities in the Republic. Now the approval of community service passports by the community head is coming to its end and the process of appointment, in the order prescribed by the law, is underway. The first training of the community servants, that is leading specialists will strat from May in accordance with the programme...

Time-table on implementation of the activities directed towards informatization 20.03.2007

On March 20, 2007 the Chief of the Staff of the Ministry of Territorial Administration of the RA approved the time-table on the implementation of the activities directed towards informatization of the RA regional administrative and local self-government bodies. (You can read the whole text in Armenian, visiting the web-site

RA Deputy Prime Minister received UNICEF representative

"We are acquainted with the active and efficient activities carried out by your organization in Armenia. As a former pedagogue, being very delicate to the children’s' issues, I'll be glad to be useful in your activities", - said the RA Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Territorial Administration Armen Gevorgyan to the UNICEF representative Leila Mushier –Jolene. It has been a month that Leila Mushier –Jolene works in Armenia. She informed that the UNICEF representation had been...

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