Suren Papikyan held the first conference of the New Year with the participation of regional governors of RA


Acting Minister of RA Territorial Administration and Development Suren Papikyan today held the first conference of the New Year with the participation of regional governors of RA. Welcoming the partners, the Acting Minister congratulated them on the New Year and Christmas and wished them an active and productive working year.

Turning to the working process Suren Papikyan urged the regional governors to take a consistent and targeted approach towards the community revenue, land and property taxation, collection procedure and undertake all the necessary measures to improve the existing rates and ensure better results in 2019 compared to last year. For this purpose the acting Minister also underlined the need for the regional governors to work with the community leaders and population individually.
Prior to the upcoming elections in a number of communities, Suren Papikyan urged the regional governors to properly organize the preliminary works of the electoral process, exclude any manifestation affecting on the election legitimacy providing equal conditions and opportunities to all candidates. "During the elections of local self-governing bodies we must create a competitive environment with equal opportunities where the head of the community will be elected a person who will be aware of the community problems, also having a vision of solving them and enjoying the trust of people," mentioned the acting Minister.
Suren Papikyan also inquired the regional governors to provide the results and process of the assignment given by the Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan regarding the whitefish street trade suspension and organization of joint inspections with community leaders and at the same time pointed out that strict control should be carried out excluding any criminal offense in that field.

During the conference issues on the agenda were also discussed such as the changes in the process of providing subsidies for the development of economic and social infrastructures of RA communities, the implementation process of the projects to the issues requiring immediate solution in the regions, the organization of "My Step for the Region" investment forum, as well as issues relating to anti-epidemic measures in primary schools and schools taken within the liabilities of regional administrations.

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