We have witnessed that unexperienced young people can give a lot to the state governance system. Suren Papikyan


Acting Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia Suren Papikyan today handed certificates to young people who successfully completed a three-month internship in order to gain experience in the Ministry.

Warmly welcoming young specialists, Suren Papikyan expressed his gratitude for their impartial and active participation in the work of the Ministry and gladly stated that recently the involvement of young people in the work of different units has been evident.

The Acting Minister also stated that the Government of RA has targeted to found a free self-fulfillment field for highly qualified professionals.
Emphasizing the importance of involving newly graduated young people in the state governance system, Suren Papikyan is hopeful that after profound changes in the government system, some of the best interns will have an opportunity to get a job in the new departments .

"I don’t want to underestimate the importance of specialists with years of experience, but the fact is that along with that experience we also need the enthusiasm of the young people .
As a result of this three-month internship, we have witnessed that unexperienced young people can give a lot to the state governance system, " mentioned Suren Papikyan.

For their part ,the young people thanked for the exceptional opportunity of an internship in the Ministry and underlined that the full involvement in the work of different divisions and having their own participation in them is highly important to improve their professional knowledge and working skills .

At the end of the meeting Suren Papikyan once more congratulated the young specialists on their achievements, gained experience and knowledge, and handed them the Certificates.


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