Davit Gevorgyan receives the UNHCR Regional Representative in the South Caucasus


On 30 August, the Deputy Minister of Territorial Administration and Development of the Republic of Armenia received the UNHCR Regional Representative, Johannes van der Klaauw and the newly appointed Representative of UNHCR in Armenia, Ms. Anna-Carin Öst.

After greeting the guests, Davit Gevorgyan expressed his gratification to the UNHCR Representation in Armenia and highlighted its crucial operation in the country directed to the legal and social protection, and integration of refugees and asylum-seekers. “Cooperation with UNHCR is important for Armenia: the organisation has supported the country in assisting refugees from Azerbaijan, and today it meets the legal and social protection, and integration needs of persons displaced from Syria. Armenia has cooperated with UNHCR in the past, and now the new government on its turn is ready to closely cooperate with UNHCR and its partners in a tripartite format.”, the Deputy Minister said.
D. Gevorgyan considered projects aimed to improve the housing conditions of refugees as a priority, and anticipated UNHCR’s cooperation in finding solutions to the housing and other issues.

The UNHCR Regional Representative, Johannes van der Klaauw reassured the Deputy Minister that UNHCR was ready to continue and enhance the cooperation with the government of Armenia. He introduced the newly appointed UNHCR Representative, Anna-Carin Öst to the Deputy Minister and expressed his hope that as in the past years, productive cooperation between the government of Armenia and UNHCR would continue.

The UNHCR Regional Representative, Van der Klaauw noted that UNHCR would continue to provide capacity building activities to the Migration Service aimed at improving the legal protection of refugees and asylum-seekers in Armenia. In addition, he highlighted the importance of the construction of a new centre for asylum-seekers in Armenia and on his turn ensured that the organisation would seek donors in that regard, hence, support the initiative demonstrated by the government of Armenia.
During the meeting, issues related to the expanding of the existing cooperation, procedures on the provision of asylum to citizens of other countries seeking protection in Armenia, refugees’ integration and other issues were discussed.


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