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On December 11, UNICEF in Armenia organized Yerevan Activate Talks under the theme “Knowledge for Life” in Tumo center for Creative Technologies, to once again voice out the significance of safe schools.

The event, held under the theme “Knowledge for Life” was aimed to present the current situation through innovative and interactive methods, at the same time to teach the participating children.

Welcoming remarks delivered UNICEF representative in Armenia Tanja Radocaj.

She noted with pleasure, that today is the 69th anniversary of UNICEF, and highlighted the issue of providing safe education for children:
- Every child must attend school, and there must be provided all necessary conditions for child. In order to learn in school, the school must first of all be safe. It must be protected both from the natural and man-caused disasters, the way to school and the food, which the children got at school must be secure. Children should be away from violence at school, -noted T. Radocaj.

Armen Ghularyan, the Deputy Minister of Urban Development of Armenia, emphasized, that they are in close cooperation with UNICEF, and several years ago, they signed a document of collaboration on the promotion of disaster risk reduction:
- It is necessary to create safe, resistant to disasters and earthquakes schools, - noted the Deputy Minister.

Welcoming the organizers and the participants on behalf of the Ministry, the RA TAES Deputy Minister Haykaram Mkhitaryan, noted, that during the Spitak earthquake in 1988, many children died, because they were unaware of the rules of conduct during an earthquake, and because of panic and confusion, they could not get out of the building:
- Today the situation has changed. Now ethics training courses are not only conducted at schools, but they are included in the school curriculum. I suppose, that every child knows the rules of conduct, and each pupil takes them into their family. If elder generation is not aware of them, so they have the opportunity of learning them by their children,- said H. Mkhitaryan.

TAES Deputy Minister also attached importance to the work carried out in the construction industry, to all the construction builders to carry out diligent work and provide the necessary seismic resistance for schools:
-Since 1988, we have achieved considerable success, as we have learned a lot. Today we have Garni Geophysical Observatory, where at the depth of 65 meters, there is a unique deformograph. It registers all shakes from a distance of 12 thousand kilometers. Today, we have a powerful rescue service, we have become a member of an international team of “INSARAG”, equipped with modern technical facilities. Today the Government’s approach to seismic safety issues has also changed. We must be ready to emergencies, and it depends on knowledge and the quality of construction,- in particular mentioned TAES Deputy Minister H. Mkhitaryan.

An interesting presentation was made by r/s Colonel Hamlet Matevosyan, the rector of the RA MTAES Crisis Management State Academy. He presented the children the need to invest the safety culture of disaster risk reduction, and stressed the importance of relevant work carried out among the children at an early age.

During the event interesting presentations were made by the Director of the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Movses Poghosyan, architect Meruzhan Minasyan, director of elementary school N 1 of Ashtarak Susanna Barseghyan and a pupil of the same school Marie Mirzoyan. 

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