Let the New Year Be Safe


For spending the New Year holidays with fun, high spirits and without any accidents, it is always necessary to strictly follow the fire safety regulations of the Christmas tree, the symbol of the New Year.

In particular

- Install the Christmas tree on a solid basis, so, that the branches do not touch the walls, ceiling and at a safe distance from the household and electrical appliances,

- The Christmas tree is allowed to place on the 1st (in extreme cases, on the 2nd) floor, in a spacious room, which has more than one evacuation exit,

- If the Christmas tree has dried up, throw away, because it could catch fire like a torch.

- For lighting one should use electric lamps not exceeding 12 W,

- In rooms intended for the New Year's event, one should always have the initial fire-fighting equipments - fire extinguisher, water, sand, blanket, as well as an electric lantern.

- The control over the trees should carry the person, who had previously passed a preliminary training.

It is not allowed:

-To install the tree on the crossings, in the aisles, in front of the door.

- To use flammable, explosive fireworks, lighting candles,

- To use balls, balloons, toys, which are made of flammable material, which may ignite or consist of a gas, which may explode.

that especially hazardous are silver, gold and different kind of “rains” (even factory-produced), which are made of aluminum foil.

Don’t forget:
It is not allowed to leave children near the Christmas tree alone, it can cause accidents. And if there was a fire, you must act as follows:

-If the electric garlands burnt into fire, immediately turn it off from the wall outlet,

- Call the fire brigade and bring the children out of the room,

- Turn the tree on the ground, so as the fire do not rise to the top, cover with a cloth, add water or sprinkle sand,

- Do not open the doors and the windows, as the wind may strengthen the fire.

It is important to understand, that a lot of effort is not required to follow the safety rules, but it will ensure the safety and high spirits during the celebration of the New Year. 

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