Future Teachers Are Being Trained


These days, Seismic Protection Survey experts of the RA MTAES conducted training courses in various educational institutions.

The regular meeting was organized with more than 80 students of distance learning 1st year students and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd year students of the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geography of the Geography Department of the Armenian State Pedagogical University.

The meeting was also attended by Head of the Department, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor A. Khoyetsyan, lecturers - the Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences A. Adjamoghlyan, Candidate of Geographical Sciences N. Samvelyan, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences S. Dayan and Candidate of Geographical Sciences M. Matevosyan.

Seismic Protection Service specialists A. Antonyan, H. Kirakosyan and A. Gevorgyan presented reports and K. Barseghyan gave an interview for the Pedagogical University website.

The presented topics were as follows: “The reasons of the destruction of the Spitak earthquake, types of buildings and structures and the problems of Earthquake Engineering”, “Guidelines for protection from earthquakes”, “Dams safety in case of a strong earthquake, actions of residents in hazardous areas in case of a possible collapse of the dam”.

The reports aroused great interest among the students. They addressed a lot of questions to the speakers, who gave exhaustive answers to all questions.

In conclusion, speeches were delivered by the lecturers. The Head of the Department A. Khoyetsyan thanked for the informative course and, summing up, stressed the importance of further cooperation. 

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