Presentation of Manuals “First Aid” and “Emergency Prepsychological Assistance” was Held


On November 26, the presentation of educational booklets “First Aid” and “Emergency Prepsychological Assistance” translated from Russia, was held at the Medical-Pharmaceutical Institute of the RF Pyatigorsk city.

The presentation of the translated manuals, via live video, was attended by senior instructor of psychological counseling of the RA MTAES CMNC, r / s Senior Lieutenant Arevik Yeritsyan, senior instructor of the division of primary medical provision, of the “Disaster Medicine Regional Center” SNCO, Senior Lieutenant Anna Barseghyan and disaster medicine specialist Vachik Hakobyan.

The purpose of the translation is to make them more accessible to the 160 thousand Armenian population of Stavropol region of the RF. The manuals have been translated into more than 20 languages of national minorities living in the RF.

The publication of the booklets was carried out in early 2015, in the framework of the project “Emergency Psychological Aid Center”, “Learn to save lives” of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation.

The essence of the program is: people, who do not have psychological education, can learn first aid and skills, to provide emergency psychological aid to the victims and the members of their families, to help themselves and others, in case of finding themselves in an emergency situation, to cope with the psychological reactions, that would arise in connection with the crisis or catastrophe. Tutorials allow clearly and easily master the skills of first aid and consist of specific illustrations, that facilitate learning.

Congratulating the Russian colleagues on her own behalf and on behalf of the psychological service of the Ministry of TAES for the implementation of the project “Learn to save lives”, Arevik Yeritsyan noted:

-It is very important, that each person, who does not have a professional education, is able to provide psychological first aid to others and oneself. It is very nice to have the manuals translated into Armenian, which will make them even more relevant and useful both for our country, and for Armenian communities in other countries. Let me wish You success in your future activities. Taking this opportunity, we want to express our willingness to further continue the fruitful cooperation between our agencies.

Wishing success to all stakeholders involved in the implementation of the project, the Head of the “Center of Emergency Psychological Aid” of the Russian Emergencies Ministry J. Shoigu, noted:

-I am very glad, to see so many people at the presentation of the translated booklets. This proves the fact, that people are really interested in this topic. The idea of this project arose by chance. We just understand, that many are in need of that simple knowledge. We also attach great importance to the involvement of the youth. This knowledge should become a part of our daily lives, which will enable to build a culture of safety,- concluded J. Shoigu.

During the presentation, the representatives of organizations and specialists, that have contribution in the translation of the guidelines were awarded. 100 copies of the translated manuals will be provided to Armenia.

Note, that a Psychological Service has been operating in the RA MTAES CMNC since May 2014, which conducts day and night duty. The main goal of the first psychological division is to provide psychological counseling to citizens, as well as to provide psychological support to the victims at the scene. The service employees were studying the experience of other countries, as well as finding new areas of cooperation with the authorities of the countries with extensive experience in the field. Close cooperation has been established with RF partners, joint activities are carried out in equipping the service with the latest technical equipment.

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