MTAES’s Psychological Service Today and Tomorrow


More than a year, the psychological service was operating in the Crisis Management National Center of the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations.

Lessons learned from Spitak earthquake best resulted in the formation of emergency situations management system. Divisions and services on forecasting, prevention and response, as well as, specialized rescue detachments have been established but the most important service - the psychological support provided to affected population, their relatives, to emergency service workers, constantly appearing in dangers and operating in nervous tension, had not been formed yet.

The main purpose of the psychological division created in May 2014, is to provide psychological consultancy to citizens, as well as psychological support to the injured people at the scene. An all hour service was set up, and the skilled specialists carried out tasks set before them till today.

Psychological service is expanding its operation and, hereinafter, other phone numbers, in addition to “911”, will also operate in the Ministry. And the citizens will have the opportunity to anonymously share their concerns on a variety of issues, including their children, family members, domestic violence and other social and psychological factors via e-mail address operating in the web-site of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations.

Taking into consideration that psychological oriented calls are received from the regions as well, psychologists will also work in regional crisis management centers. They will provide all hour psychological service.

This is just only the beginning.

We are studying the experience of other countries, as well as trying to find new areas of cooperation. We are closely cooperating with the colleagues from Russian Federation, simultaneously carrying out joint activities towards equipping the service with the latest technical equipment.

Today the selection of the personnel in our system is on solid basis, and technical capacity of the service will enable to conduct psycho-physiological research, identifying the applicants’ and the staff’s nervous system peculiarities, memory, intelligence, attention, the level of stress resistance and a number of other capacities.

The center, equipped with the latest technology, will be also established for conducting recovery activities with affected individuals and personnel.

Our vision is to have a psychological service with great reputation, trust and respect, based on skilled and qualified personnel and specialists. The service will be equipped with the latest equipment for cooperating in concert with international organizations and partners.

The service is meant to solve major problems in our country, and, together, we must develop a vision of stress resistant society.

Senior trainer of psychological consultation of CMNC

Arevik Eritzian 

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