“What to do in case of earthquake”: Training Exercise Conducted by MTAES Rescue Service


On October 23, a special tactical training exercise on “Protecting customers and employees in case of an earthquake” was conducted in business center “Yerevan Plaza” of the “Basic Research Center” CJSC, organized by the RA MTAES Rescue Service Yerevan Rescue Department.

The training exercise aimed to check the knowledge and readiness of rapid response units and the staff of the business center in responding to possible earthquakes, as well as to improve their practical skills.

Two fire-fighter brigades from Kentron division of Yerevan Rescue Department of the RA MTAES Rescue Service, the public order protection, rescue, fire-fighting, search, first aid formations and evacuation group of “Yerevan Plaza” Center were involved in the training exercise.

According to the outlined scenario, there was an earthquake, the business center’s staircase had been collapsed, there was a necessity to evacuate the injured and other people from the territory of the center by an alternative way. Furthermore, a fire broke out in one of the offices on the 5th floor, there was a risk of fire spread, the staff could not get out of the smoky area.

Practical measures of special tactical training exercises were carried out in two sites. The employees and the people, who were in the building at that moment had operatively been evacuated and an emergency call was sent to MTAES CMNC’s 911 service. The formations of Yerevan Rescue Department of MTAES Rescue Service operatively arrived at the scene, quickly assessed the situation and made a clear action plan. The fire was quickly localized and extinguished by MTAES RS Yerevan department firefighter-rescuers’ efforts. The public order maintenance formation, in co-operation with the RA Police forces, conducted the territory blockade, strengthened public order. The RA MTAES RS YRD Kentron Division rescue forces brought the injured down from the upper floors of the building with the help of ladder and other special equipment, brigades of medical aid provided first aid to survivors and the transportation of the injured was organized to specialized medical institutions.

The training exercise was observed by MTAES Rescue Service Deputy Director, Head of Yerevan city Department, r/s Colonel Mushegh Ghazaryan.

The participants successfully carried out the difficult tasks set before them and organized the evacuation of people being in the building. Fires broke out in the building, were localized and extinguished.

After the training exercise r/s Colonel Mushegh Ghazaryan noted, that the exercise was held at high level and in general, he assessed it satisfactorily. According to Mushegh Ghazaryan, such exercises were also important in terms of identifying shortcomings and eliminating them in the future.

Deputy Director of the Rescue Service noticed, that such exercises had periodic character and were held several times a year by the MTAES Rescue Service. Mushegh Ghazaryan noted, that such events did not only check the rescuers’ professional skills, but also the citizens were taught to the proper rules of conduct in case of emergencies.

Summing up the training exercise, M. Ghazarian thanked the rescuers for their activities and heralded the end of the exercise.

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