Armen Yeritsyan: “We are Responsible for Our Children”


On October 13, the RA TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan paid a working visit to Armavir region. Within his visit, accompanied by Armavir Governor A. Ghahramanyan, the Minister visited Vagharshapat secondary school N8, special school N 2 and secondary school named after freedom fighter Ghukas Abgaryan in Aghavnatun community.

In Vagharshapat school N8, Minister Yeritsyan familiarized with the repair work. The school was renovated within the scope of the RA Government’s urgent program, in particular, the whole ceiling was restored through monolith and the roof was reinforced. 315 pupils study at the school. The Minister also visited the elementary school, that has 39 pupils. A. Yeritsyan talked to the director of the elementary school, inquired about the daily life of the children and the menu provided for them.

A. Yeritsyan next visited Vagarshapat special auxiliary school No. 2, which had also been renovated as part of the same program. The school has 121 pupils and is intended for children aged 6-15, having physical and mental problems. Accompanied by the school principal L. Sayadyan, A. Yeritsyan, inspected the reconstruction works, got acquainted with the current problems: in particular, they discussed the issue of heating of the school building.

TAES Minister visited the secondary school named after Gh. Abgaryan in Aghavnatun community on the occasion of the school’s centennial. Accompanied by Armavir Governor A. Ghahramanyan, the Minister toured the school, got acquainted with the school’s teaching staff and participated in a solemn event dedicated to the centennial of the school. Note, that 290 pupils study at school.

Congratulating the centennial of the school, the Governor A. Ghahramanyan presented several awards and certificates of appreciation to the leadership and the school’s teaching staff.

At the end of the ceremony, TAES Minister A. Yeritsyan also congratulated the teachers and pupils. Noting, that it was a great honor for him to be present at the ceremony and expressing gratitude to the principal and the community head for the work done, the Minister stressed:

- I see, that a lot of work was done by both the principal and the community head for the welfare and development of the school. By current work we are responsible for our children and accountable to our future generations. I would like to mention, that keeping focus on border villages, we must not forget about the issues relating the development of communities located near Yerevan. Concluding his speech, Minister A. Yeritsyan invited the school’s teaching staff and the pupils to visit the RA MTAES, to become familiar with the management process and activities carried out by the Ministry and CMNCs.

Answering the journalists' questions, A. Yeritsyan stressed, that the Government of the Republic of Armenia, in cooperation with international organizations, is developing a new program for the development of regional schools for school improvement.

Within the framework of the working visit to Armavir region, A. Yeritsyan visited the winery Myasnikyan, to get acquainted with the process of grapes supply and talk to local residents, grapes-suppliers. This year, the plant plans to purchase 7 thousand tons of grapes, which will allow the farmers to buy the amount planned by the contract.

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