Consultation at MTAES


On October 12, the regular weekly consultative meeting was held at the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, chaired by Minister Armen Yeritsyan.

Rescue Service Director, r/s Lieutenant-General Sergey Azaryan reported on measures undertaken, the implemented tasks and the ongoing activities. 279 cases were recorded during the previous week, with 17 victims and 75 affected. S. Azaryan also informed, about the activities carried out towards the development of events scheduled for 2016.

The Head of “SPS” Agency H. Petrosyan, reported on current activities and upcoming events. The Head of the Agency informed, that the recording device (registrar) of the deformograph, installed in Garni Geophysical Observatory was replaced by a new one with the assistance of the Russian colleague, Geophysical Service expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences, candidate of technical sciences Pavel Butirin. According to H. Petrosyan, a new digital device meets all modern requirements and can transmit information digitally to the data receiving center.

Deputy head of “Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Service” SNCO of the MTAES H. Melkonyan informed, that on October 13-14, and at night on October 15, in a significant part of the RA regions precipitation is expected from time to time, in some areas hail is expected, but 16-17 mainly without precipitation. The night of 13 October the air temperature will rise by 2-3 degrees, and in the afternoon of October 14 and at night of October 16 the temperature will go down as much.

Director of “Service of the Active Influence to Atmospheric Processes” SNCO of MTAES A. Karapetyan reported on activities performed by the anti - hail stations. During the mentioned period hailstorm was recorded in Shirak region and about 38 thousand shots were performed.

Head of Information Department of the RA MTAES “National Center of Technical Safety” SNCO S. Mkhitaryan reported on the competition “The Best Athletes with Disabilities” conducted for the RA Presidential Award at the stadium of Tsaghkadzor General Sport Complex from October 8-11, by the initiative of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs. 165 persons with auditory, visual and musculoskeletal problems and disabilities participated in the competition.

Participants competed in swimming, chess, checkers, darts, basketball and table tennis. 6 sportsmen from MTAES competed in basketball, chess and checkers.

During the consultation, by the RA TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan’s order r/s Lieutenant Colonel Gevorg Galstyan, the Head of the Center of Conducting Special Purpose Rescue Operations of the RS RFD of the RA MTAES was awarded the rank of r/s Colonel.

Taking part in the online weekly consultation, the Head of State Emergency Service AG NKR and the heads of regional rescue departments reported on the incidents registered during the week and the current activities.

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