A Meeting at MTAES. The Ways of Logistical Assistance in Case of Emergencies are Being Specified


On September 29, Carlos Melendez, the responsible for logistical issues of the regional office of the UN World Food Programme (WFP), and Yesayi Nikolyan, the responsible for logistical issues of the WFP Yerevan office met with H. Yemishyan, the Head of the RA MTAES RS Population Protection and Disaster Elimination Department and A. Vardanyan, the Head of Rear and Logistics provision Department.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the role of WFP in response to emergencies and possible ways of cooperation at the regional level.

Expressing gratitude for the reception, C. Melendez introduced the functions and the role of the UN WFP in response to emergencies. According to him, before the creation of this structure, material and technical assistance provided during the emergencies was not systematized, and that often led to inefficient use of resources.

-We support the government of the affected country and try to help them in coordinating the activities. Our function consists of 3 main parts - the dissemination of information, coordination and transportation, and storage services. The assistance may also be of methodological and controlling nature, -noted C. Melendez.

Welcoming and thanking the guests for the visit, H. Yemishyan drew attention to the fact, that Armenia and the region in general are in a disaster prone zone, which is why more attention is paid to disaster response.

-We have paid great attention to two major disasters - the development of mechanisms to deal with the earthquake and nuclear accident, in spite of the fact, that Armenia has also recorded strong frosts, hail and storms. In this regard, it is very important for us the planning of measures to combat disasters and mitigate the damages and assess the risks. The program will also be replenished by external assistance, including logistical support planning. It is also very important the prompt decision of numerous problems and development of mechanisms in the case of foreign material and technical assistance arisen at the airport, - noted H. Yemishyan.

In the result of similar issues discussion, the two sides expressed their willingness to establish close cooperation aimed at overcoming the existing problems in the sphere.

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