TAES Ministry is Recognized as a Recipient of the “Golden Key”


According to the Freedom of Information Center’s (FOICA) “Golden Key and Rusty Lock” annual award ceremony results, the RA Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations was recognized as the recipient of “Golden Key”, for the best Community Initiative Performing Institution within the framework of “Open Government Partnership”.

At the award ceremony held on September 28, in “Marriott Armenia” hotel, the Resident Representative of the Asian Development Bank David Dole handed the award to the Head of the Local Self- Government Department of MTAES Ashot Giloyan. The award was presented to MTAES for the best Community Initiative within the framework of OGP.

The award was presented to MTAES for the investment and effective implementation of community micro survey program. It is a survey by short messages (sms), conducted among the community residents about the problems of the community. The project is implemented in cooperation with the UN Development Program and has already been introduced in 5 communities.

The Head of the Local Self- Government Department of MTAES Ashot Giloyan thanked for the award and the evaluation of activities, noting that the Ministry carries out daily work for promoting transparency and accountability of the LSGBs.

Note, that the Freedom of Information Center organizes Freedom of Information Annual Award ceremony for the 13th time, which is aimed at evaluating public and open work, and criticizing closed and confidential working style. The ceremony is also devoted to the International Right to Know Day. Today the “Golden Key” awards have been awarded in the following categories:

  • The most transparent institution, ensuring best the law “On Freedom of Information”
  • The best freedom of information reformer
  • Institution which has best implemented Open Government Partnership Commitments 
  • The best official web site in terms of access to information 
  • The most consistent human rights advocate of the right of access to information
  • An NGO that best used the right for access to information
  • Award for the journalist/media outlet most actively covering FOI issues 
  • Award for the journalist/media outlet for the actively using FOI Law.

Negative award was presented in the following categories:

• The State institution, which is the author of the most ridiculous official answer.

The event was attended by the RA Vice Prime Minister, Minister of International Economic Integration and Reforms Vache Gabrielyan, who welcomed the guests on this occasion and stressed the importance of transparency and openness in the government system of Armenia. According to him, the government attaches great importance to this initiative in the context of the strengthening of democracy, transparency and formation of civil society in the country.

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