Staff Command Training Exercises at Crisis Management State Academy


A multilateral training exercise on “Implementation of measures during the violation of the chemical fertilizers cemetery integrity” was held in the RA MTAES Crisis Management State Academy, which was attended by the representatives of various ministries and departments. The students of the CMSA also partook in the multilateral exercises as observers.

The training exercise was led by MTAES RS Deputy Director, r/s Major-General Vrezh Gabrielyan, and Chief of the headquarters was the Head of Population Protection and Disaster Consequences Elimination Department of the RA MTAES, r/s Colonel Hovhannes Yemishyan.

The Staff Command training exercise was aimed to improve the skills and abilities of the sphere specialists and the staff, check and adjust the situation of cooperation implementation and ways of further improvement during the elimination of the consequences of chemical nature emergencies, as well as to check the level of cooperation between the ministries concerned.

-The chosen theme – is very relevant, taking into consideration the fact, that there still exists the “Haygyughqimia” MU, the cemetery of forbidden and expired obsolete pesticides in the territory of Armenia, which is known as Nubarashen cemetery of pesticides. In February 2010, the upper layer of the cemetery was destructed and in a few months it was eliminated, - in his opening remarks noted V. Gabrielyan.

He also informed, that the training exercise will focus on early detection of cases of leakage of obsolete pesticides from the areas of warehouse and the order of cooperation with the stakeholders, as well as issues relating the organization and implementation of hazardous chemicals leakage response and elimination activities.

The training exercise also presented the issue of persistent organic pollutants and obsolete pesticides in Armenia, the work carried out by the Ministries of the RA on solving the problems of obsolete pesticides, where international organizations (United Nations Development Program) were involved as well.

The activities of the RA ministries and agencies aimed at eliminating the threat in case of opening the Nubarashen pesticides cemetery, were performed through relevant intermediates, and experts representing various structures delivered respective reports.

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