New Prospects of Development Between the Regions of Armenia and France


On September 22, the RA TAES First Deputy Minister Vache Terteryan received the delegation of the Regional Council of the region Provence- Alpes-Cote d'Azur of France, led by First Deputy Chairman of the Board Patrick Almand. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss cooperation between the regions of Lori and the French Provence- Alpes-Cote d'Azur, to outline the future plans and programs. The meeting was also attended by Lori Governor Artur Nalbandyan.

The regions of Lori and Provence- Alpes-Cote d'Azur are collaborating since 1997. In the meantime, various projects have been implemented, particularly in the sphere of tourism and animal husbandry development.

In 2012, the parties signed an “Agreement of cooperation for 2012-2014”, aimed at the implementation of investment projects on the development of Francophonie, tourism and animal husbandry in Lori.

Within this framework, the offices “Tourism Development Fund”, “Office of Tourism” have been established and training courses for tour guides have been organized.

Greeting the guests on behalf of Minister A. Yeritsyan and the staff of the Ministry, V. Terteryan noted, that TAES Ministry has a long–standing cooperation with France and that includes both the scopes of emergencies and territorial management. He noted, that the French rescuers were among the first to arrive in the disaster zone, after the Spitak devastating earthquake, and provide invaluable assistance and support to victims:
-France also has a great contribution in the formation of ES system in Armenia, and thanks to the close cooperation, we are trying to introduce French experience. In the field of local and regional government Armenia also uses the French experience. France is one of the unique countries with which Armenia has established institutional cooperation at the regional level, which is the best example of decentralized cooperation, - noted V. Terteryan.
Thanking for warm reception, the Head of delegation Patrick Almand noted, that cooperation with the region of Lori had started from the health sector, gradually including other sectors as well.

According to him, the establishment of language training centers in the region had created conditions for the development of the Francophonie:
- We are aware of how much attention is paid to the development of the regions by TAES Minister, and in this case to the development of Lori. As you know, an “Agreement on cooperation for 2012-2014” has already been signed between the two regions of our countries.

Recently, an "Agreement on cooperation for 2015-2017” will also be signed, which will cover the same areas of cooperation.

Lori is destined to develop tourism in Armenia and the establishment of the “Tourism Office” will contribute to the further development of this direction.

The work done heretofore has given the desired result, because tourism in here has developed for 20 percent within a year, - added the Head of the delegation. P. Almand also presented the programs implemented jointly with the region in the field of agriculture, in particular highlighting the serious approaches in the development of sheep breeding.

In conclusion, the guests got acquainted with the history of the establishment of the Ministry of TAES through video films, toured the Ministry, got familiarized with the activities of the Crisis Management National Center.

They were impressed by the presence of 3 dozen disabled workers in the staff of the Ministry.

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