Powerful Earthquake Hits Chile


According to “Риа Новости” (“Ria Novosti”) news agency 5 people were killed and hundreds were injured in the result of the earthquake.

The tsunami alert was announced and nearly 1 million people were evacuated.


On September 17, at 08:20 an information was received from the RA MTAES Seismic Protection Survey, that at 02:54 local time, (16.09.2015, at 22:54 at Grinvich), the magnitude 8.2 earthquake was recorded in Chile by the RA MTAES Seismic Protection Survey Seismological Network. The tremor measured magnitude 10 at the epicenter area.

The geographical coordinates of the epicenter are north width 31.570 and east length 71.610.

The hypocenter of the seismic activity was 20 kilometers beneath the surface.

According to preliminary data, 3 were killed and 15 were injured as a result of the earthquake, buildings and facilities were partially collapsed.

Chilean authorities issued a tsunami alert.

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