MTAES Employee’s Day was Solemnly Celebrated in Aparan


On September 4, the MTAES employee day was solemnly celebrated in the Culture House of Aparan town. The event was initiated by Aparan Mayor Gor Abrahamyan. The solemn ceremony was attended by the RA MTAES RS Deputy Director, r/s Major-General Nikolay Grigoryan, the whole staff of FRD of Aparan, as well as regional rescuers and the members of their families. The guests were welcomed with songs and dances, and the positive atmosphere of the day was provided by the students of Aparan’s Culture House.

At the opening of the ceremony, congratulating the rescuers on their professional day, Mayor G. Abrahamyan noted:

-The profession of a rescuer includes not only the provision of people's lives and health, protection of their properties, but it also includes the elimination of consequences of all kinds of emergencies at all levels.

G. Abrahamyan highlighted the rescuers’ expansive and patriotic activities, particularly focusing on Aparan regional FRD rescuers’ faithful work, regarding the challenges, that they faced in any weather conditions.

- I would like to express gratitude to You and the entire staff of Aparan FRD for kind and patriotic activities. All this was achieved thanks to your daily cherished and hard work, highly professional skills, high moral character and the willingness, that You display always and everywhere, under the leadership of faithful commander H. Arshakyan, -noted G. Abrahamyan.

In conclusion, the Mayor thanked all the guests, the regional rescue department of Aragatsotn, the entire staff of its divisions and all the rescuers of the republic once again, and expressed his gratitude to the RA TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan and the entire staff of the Ministry, for raising the activities of the Ministry to a new level.

The mayor had prepared another surprise for rescuers in the form of awards and certificates.

The Sergeant Armen Haroutyun Sahakyan, the commander of Aparan FRD was awarded “The Best Rescuer 2015”.

According to Aparan Mayor’s decision three rescuers were awarded Letters of Gratitude, six - Certificates of Honor, and five rescuers received monetary awards.

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