MTAES Improves the Biological Resources for Combating Natural Disasters


On September 9, the U.S. Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) transferred specialized “Toyota” specific vehicle with a trailer and special equipment, implementing detection of biological impulses, sampling and performing disinfection, as well as personal protective equipment, aimed at rapidly respond to biological emergencies.

The ceremony was attended by the RA MTAES Deputy Minister Haykaram Mkhitaryan and U.S Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Clark Price.

In MTAES’s drill ground, the event guests were introduced with the technical equipment and the opportunities of the specific vehicle. The car is designed for field operations in biological disaster area and will help to protect response team members from exposure during operations. It is mainly equipped with specific heat retentive refrigerator, aimed to preserve the biological structure of the materials, power generator, and facilities and equipment for transportation of various materials and aseptic containers. After the alarm, the specific car will respond within 10-15 minutes serving all the regions of the republic.

The other delivered equipments including protective masks and goggles, headlights, GPS devices, specific materials inspecting the respiratory system of the personnel, etc., are also intended for field activities. This will be used to bolster Armenia’s capacity to detect and distinguish outbreaks of dangerous pathogens, their spread containment and response capabilities maintenance.

Welcoming the guests on behalf of TAES Minister and the Ministry Staff, H. Mkhitaryan stated, that cooperation between TAES Ministry and the U.S. Department of Defense has a long, rather comprehensive and diverse history.
-Note, that recently the presentation, marking the end the USA Kansas National Guard Humanitarian Civic Assistance program, was held at the RA Ministry of TAES. Within the framework of that program, in a short period of time, the dressing room, the bathroom and the toilet of MTAES’s gym were renovated by 40 volunteers engineering team of air and ground forces, so that it met all the requirements of the employees with disabilities. Thank You for support, we are confident that, this cooperation will be continuous and will cover a wider range of cooperation. Any support, even the smallest one is appreciable for us.

Expressing gratitude for the reception, the U.S. Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission Clark Price noted, that the U.S. aims to reduce and mitigate the biological disaster risks in the partner countries. According to Deputy Chief of Mission, in this direction, the USA cooperated with various agencies and organizations over the last 5 years.
- We are very glad to collaborate with this Ministry, where highly qualified professionals work. This new vehicle will allow you to reach a potential outbreak anywhere, and the on-board protective gear will help protect response team members from exposure during operations. Such programs will promote the early diagnosis and prevention of infectious diseases.

The specific vehicle and equipment delivery is carried out within the framework of the Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) between Armenia and the U.S. Department of Defense. The main purpose is to work with partner countries to collaboratively mitigate risks posed by infectious and dangerous pathogens and diseases.

In recent years, these projects have involved U.S. support for Armenia efforts to construct and renovate facilities in order to secure pathogens used in research.


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