Press Conference Dedicated to the Day of the RA MTAES Employee


 On September 4, the RA MTAES Rescue Service Deputy Director r/s Major-General Nikolay Grigoryan held a press conference, dedicated to the day of the RA MTAES employee, in the press club “Henaran”.

Holiday is the best occasion to remember the difficult path traversed and announce the obvious achievements, that had been recorded within the past 24 years. The Emergency System is formed, has established itself and continues to develop, overcoming many obstacles and difficulties having a painful lesson of the Spitak devastating earthquake.

At a press conference, r/s Major- General N. Grigoryan particularly noted:
-Today, the situation is completely different, as we have a powerful Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations, which possess emergency situations forecasting and response powerful tools. The Ministry includes Rescue Service, Seismic Protection Survey, Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Service, Anti-hail Service, State Reserve Agency, and many other subdivisions, that have serious financial and professional opportunities for disaster prediction and response. Achievements of the system are also reflected in international platforms. The Armenian rescuers have successfully undergone the external classification examination of the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) of the UN, and now the experts are summarizing the results. Thereby, Armenia will become the 43rd member of INSARAG, which is a great achievement for the Republic of Armenia, taking into account the fact, that the rescue teams from many developed countries have not been able to overcome the qualification barrier.

The speaker also noted, that current year, the number of MTAES Crisis Management State Academy applicants has significantly increased, which indicates the confidence towards the Ministry. Students, having graduated from the Academy with excellent marks, get jobs in the system of the Ministry.

Next month, the official opening of the Armenian-Russian joint Humanitarian Response Center is foreseen in Balahovit, which aims to support quick and efficient response to emergencies in the Caucasus region. The objectives of the center include: the prevention of emergency situations and elimination of consequences, humanitarian aid rendering, demining, etc. The main construction works of the Humanitarian Center have already been completed.

One of the achievements of the Ministry is the establishment of the Crisis Management National Center, equipped with the latest technology and, of course, the service “911”, which is now available throughout the republic. The single phone call in case of emergencies became possible thanks to the cooperation of MTAES and mobile operators, by overcoming many difficulties and significant investments.

The Crisis Management Centers have been established in all regions of the Republic of Armenia, and all regions are connected with each other by an internal information network. In case of emergency, calling the 911, the resident is immediately connected to the local crisis management center, which leads to the increase of response efficiency, saving valuable time. The newest alarm systems are being installed in border communities, that include a whole network of voice and text systems alerting the population in case of an emergency.

On the entire territory of the republic, both natural and man-made disasters are possible, therefore, the National Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction has been established for comprehensive assessment and prevention policy development, the most important components of which is public awareness.

One of the main achievements of the MTAES is raising confidence among the population towards the system and the rescuer, thus the proof of that are the numerous daily calls addressed to “911”. At the same time, highlighting the reinforcement of public confidence to the official information, MTAES has created and distributed the concept of Inter-agency Information Center, which aims to ensure the implementation of a single, coherent information policy in the case of various emergencies.

Major-General N. Grigorian also informed, that about a month ago, at MTAES’s initiative and with the assistance of the US Embassy, a public awareness workshop and training exercise was organized on the earthquake scenario, during which the idea of an interdepartmental information center was successfully raffled. The MTAES supervised the work of that center, and according to the scenario, the responsibles for media agencies, as well as the journalists, worked together towards the common awareness of the population during an earthquake.

In his speech, N. Grigoryan also highlighted the work of the journalists, as an important link between state agencies and the public, urging to rely mainly on information obtained from official sources in case of emergency, and to refrain from spreading false information aimed to call panic.

Referring to “Shant 2015” Military Command and Staff Exercises, the RS Deputy Director noted, that the Ministry is actively involved in that process, by performing activities of civil defense. Within the frames of the Military Command and Staff Exercises, the Defense Information Centre is led by the Press Secretary of the RA President. Through the unified media, the population became aware of the current situation, the actions taken by state authorities and the rules of behavior of citizens. This is to prevent panic among the population, neutralize the deliberate attempts for spreading distrust towards the state authorities and self-government bodies undertaken by opponents.

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