September 4 is the RA MTAES Employee Day


Achievements of the RA TAES Ministry for 2014-2015

The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Emergency Situations of Armenia has adopted a policy of constant development - do not stop and constantly keep on going forward. The Ministry regularly performs brief report, presenting the implemented work and achievements to the public.

As in previous years, this year as well, in almost all the divisions of the TAES Ministry (structural and separated, NGOs and agencies) progress and interesting achievements were recorded, that we would like to present to your attention.

New Formations in Rescue Service

The establishment of the Armenian-Russian joint Humanitarian Response Center in the RA Kotayk region, which is aimed to support quick and efficient response to emergencies in the Caucasus region. The center's objectives are prevention of emergency situations and consequences elimination, delivery of the humanitarian aid, demining, etc.

 In 2014, two motorcycling rescue groups were established at the Center of Conducting Special Purpose Rescue Operations.

In 2015, a Collective Center of Civil Defense Forces has been created in CD Department.

Crisis Management Centers have been established in all regions

Within the framework of capacity decentralization program, regional crisis management centers have been established in all regions, administrative and fire and rescue detachments’ buildings have been refurbished and renovated, public rescue units have been set up and operated in communities, and the material and technical base have been updated.

The National Crisis Management Centre has develpoped calls management system, that enables to receive several phone calls simultaneously and fix the phone number and location of the caller on the computer map, and without interrupting the call to connect to the respective services or immediately connect the caller with that service. At the same time it is possible to send voice messages, which can carry out alarms.

An automated warning system pilot project is implemented in Tavush region, in the frames of which, in cooperation with the Russian counterparts, alarm devices are installed in the RS Crisis Management National Center, in the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet after A. Spendiaryan, in Yerevan State University, in Yerevan FRD N8, in Crisis Management Centers of Kotayk and Tavush RRD, in the RA Tavush Regional Administration and in 21 border communities.

 Volunteer and young rescuers movements are developing

 Regional rescue divisions have been equipped with rescue equipment and devices, fire-rescue bases have been set up.

551 fire and rescue teams consisted of 5374 young boys and girls have been created in the RA regions and in Yerevan, republican competitions have been organized, during which the young firefighter-rescuers, having recorded the best results, participated in the international tournaments.

 The latest seismological equipment has been obtained

In the Seismic Protection Survey system has been repaired and technically re-equipped Garni Geophysical Observatory - a major regional research center, where there is a unique deformograph and the newest digital inclinometer.

GPS base station has been installed in the Observatory “Aruch” of Aragatsotn region, which is also the unique one in the South Caucasus and is included in the World Geodetic System.

The unique technical safety laboratory has launched

The National Center of Technical Safety have constructed a unique, by its capabilities in the region, testing laboratory of technical safety in Yerevan.

The accuracy of forecasts has increased

In the Hydrometeorology and Monitoring Service the accuracy of meteorological forecasting and level of validity has increased. Since November, 2013, with the assistance of Roshhydromet, a software package «Реки-режим» was introduced in the hydrometeorological service, which allows to collect hydrological data and prepare hydrological yearbooks.

 A unified system managing the anti-hail stations

Within the framework of the Service of Active Influence on Atmospheric Phenomena, a unified system of 493 stations located in the territory of the RA and NKR was established, which is managed by the Crisis Management Center, based on the data from radar stations. The operating stations protect the area of 39,440 hectares of agricultural land of 126 rural communities.

 Fire alarm signal is transmitted to the “911”

In the frames of the Inspection Reform program in the RA, the State Fire and Technical Safety Inspection has developed, coordinated with international experts and approved by the Government of the Republic of Armenia risk-based checklists, the inspection methodology and risk criteria.

In 1593 the facilities fire alarm signal transmission system has been installed, due to which the alarm signal is transmitted to the RA MTAES “911” service.

 Implementation of a modern alarm system in the Republic

Due to the Information Providing and Notification Center, the “911” service has been decentralized, the signal is transmitted to the Regional Crisis Management Center (all calls are recorded and archived with the help of special equipment). It is developed and is currently in the stage of implementation the disaster risk and CD central alarm system pilot project covering 32 settlements.

The process of online transmission of the video to the Crisis Management Center from the scene in real time has also been developed and implemented.

A complex of educational and entertainment activities is being constructed

On the territory of the Crisis Management State Academy’s "Lusakert" training base, a multifunctional educational and gaming complex is created, equipped with modern technical facilities, where practical knowledge and skills get not only rapid response service specialists of different spheres, but also students of the Academy.

A helicopter and towers have been deployed in the training base for implementation rope activities connected with parachutes.



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