Armenia Is Going To Become A Member of INSARAG


On September 2, at 07:50 early in the morning, an extraordinary consultation was convened at the RA TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan.

INSARAG’s UN classification exercise of Armenian Urban Search and Rescue Team launches, which will enable Armenia to have a highly qualified rescue teams, that meet international standards, and also become the 43rd member of INSARAG. At the consultation, Minister A. Yeritsyan was introduced with the situation in the “affected” country.

During the consultation, a report on the operational situation was made by H. Yemishyan, the Head of the RA MTAES Population Protection and Disaster Elimination Organization Department, political responsible for Armenia’s INSARAG. He also presented the plan of rescue activities.

According to the scenario, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred in the X country, which killed nearly 5,500 people, and injured 30,000. There were destructions. The Government of the affected country applied to the international community for rescue and humanitarian aid. It was decided, that the Armenian rescue team will leave for the affected country.

The information on the stability of the political situation in the X country, according to the UN Security Council classification, was reported to Minister Yeritsyan, by the Head of the Department of Foreign Relations of the RA MTAES M. Gevorgyan.

Summing up the consultation TAES Minister gave respective instructions to the heads of the departments involved in the exercise.

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