RA TAES Ministry Expresses Its Condolences


On August 15, at 15:24 an emergency call was received, that near village Kharkov, Shirak region, a grassy area in the territory of turnpike of “Ani” station, was in fire. A fire brigade and 6 free shift firefighter-rescuers from Ani fire and rescue squad left for the scene.

At 19:40 pm, an information was received, that the Commander of Ani FRS, r/s lieutenant colonel Karapet Ayvazyan, born in 1963, felt bad during the firefighting operations. On the way to Gyumri Medical Center FRS Commander died.

Karapet Aramayis Ayvazyan was born on 20.10.63, in the village of Sarnaghbyur, Shirak region, in an employee’s family.

1971-1981 –studied at Sarnaghbyur secondary school.
1982-1984- joined the Soviet Army.
1987-1991- studied and graduated Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute, the faculty of basic military training and physical education.
1991-1997- worked at Lanjik secondary school as PMT teacher.
1997-2004- was the Head of military division of Ani regional military commissariat.
From May 1992 to 1994, being as a volunteer in “Chaush” group participated in Artsakh war.
(15.05-15.06.1992- in the village of Movses in Tavush region,
20.06-17.07.1992- in Lachin,
10.06-25.09.1992թ- in the village of Ghazanchi, NKR, Martakert region,
30.08-15.09.1992- in the village of Vahan , Karmir region,
01.04-20.04.1993- in NKR Stepanakert reconnaissance Battalion,
22.01-22.04.1994- in Aghdam, NKR).

Since 2004, he was the commander of Ani fire-rescue detachment of RS Shirak RRD of the RA MTAES.

Karapet Ayvazyan was married, and had got two sons.

Ani FRS commander was an experienced rescuer, caring and devoted to his work and friends, endowed with a high sense of responsibility. According to his colleagues, heroism was his daily work and an ordinary duty. The commander was the first to extend a helping hand to all, in any matter, without exception. And even on the last working day, realizing the complexity of the fire broken in the grassy territory, he called the staff being on free shifts and he himself left for the scene.

The RA TAES Ministry with deep sorrow expresses condolences to Karapet Ayvazian’s family and colleagues.

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