The Risk of Forest Fires and Vegetated Territories of the Republic


On August 14, the RA MTAES Rescue Service Deputy Director , r/s Major General Vrezh Gabrielyan held a press conference in press club “Henaran”.

The topic of the conference was the threat of fires in forested and vegetated areas of the republic in the period from July to September.

Referring to the recorded cases of fires and their causes, the speaker noted, that it was already two months, that on the territory of the republic had penetrated active warm waves creating high temperature, which caused a fire hazard in the vegetated territories. On the territory of the republic under the influence of heat waves in 1980-2012gg number of cases per year, compared with 1948 and 1980 years had increased by about 40%. At an average seven cases of forest fires per year were recorded in 2001-2009, while in 2010-2011 the annual average of fires reached 50 cases, -noted V. Gabrielyan,- ie. in 2010-2011, the average number of fires had increased by about 5 times, compared with the average annual index of 2004-2009.

Answering the journalists' questions, relating the recent cases of fires V. Gabrielyan singled out the fires broken out mainly in Tsitsernakabred, Botanical Garden, bordering village of Vahravar of Syunik region of Armenia-Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic. The speaker noted, that the functioning of the irrigation system and irrigation of vegetated areas are of great importance in extinguishing work for providing the necessary humidity.

-Forest fires occurrence is mainly anthropogenic. For example, the burning of the stubble and dry vegetation, in the result of which uncontrolled fire spread to the nearby forest. According to the National Statistical Service of Armenia, the damage caused by forest fires in 2005-2010 amounted to 504 million drams, 500.2 million of which were caused in 2006.

At the end of the press conference V. Gabrielyan called on to be considerate towards vegetated areas, to learn the culture of a special appeal to the forests, to understand, that nature does not only belong to us. This is all maintained by dozens of generations, and the consequences of one careless step could be irreparable. It will take a lot of years to create a new one.

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