Regional Seminar in Yerevan


The first phase of the OSOCC (On-Site Operations Coordination Centre) cognitive international training course on deployment and functioning in the disaster zone is being conducted in Yerevan, “Regineh” hotel from 11 to 14 August.

It is organized by the Regional Office of UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator in the South Caucasus, Central Asia and Ukraine and the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the RF. The seminar is attended by emergency management professionals from Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Tajikistan.

The training course aims to familiarize the participants with the new guidelines and working methodology of the UN International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) and On-Site Coordination Centre (OSOCC), as well as to exchange experiences between the regional countries.

Russia's Emergency Situations Ministry representative, the course instructor Alexey Avdeyev, noted, that this is the 6th similar training course, which is being organized by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs with the participation of rescue forces of the CIS.

- Previously, such seminars were organized in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine. This year, the majority of the participants are Armenian rescuers, who in September will pass INSARAG- qualification round and will try to prove, that they are ready not only to perform high level search and rescue operations, but also to organize and coordinate international rescuers operations in the disaster zone,- noted A. Avdeyev.

Head of Regional Office at UNOCHA Marcel Vaessen noted, that a training exercise will also be conducted on the last day of the seminar, during which the participants will be able to test their knowledge.

- The course will be adapted to the real scenario, as our aim is to help the countries of the region to enhance disaster response capabilities and, as a final result to be involved in international humanitarian relief system. As for Armenian rescuers, it should be noted, that long-term partnership with the Ministry of TAES has developed great respect for them, and we wish the team good luck in their qualification process in September,- added M. Vaessen.

The course participant, the Deputy Head of the RA MTAES RS Rescue Forces Department, r/s Colonel Artavazd Davtyan noted, that the training course is very important, as it is immediately followed by the qualification process. According to him, this can be considered as an integral part of the preparatory process.

- During this time, the specialists, who will demonstrate their skills during qualification process are already being prepared. Note, that the group of our trainers is composed of experienced professionals, since they have already passed the qualification process. Their experience is very important for us, as the issues discussed during the meeting are not even included in the best professional literature,- noticed A. Davtyan.

The OSOCC concept was first adopted by the UN General Assembly in 2002. The OSOCC is set up in a disaster-affected zone (an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tsunami and so forth) and aims to provide a system of coordinating and facilitating the activities of international search-and-rescue teams and humanitarian organizations.

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