MTAES Expands Cooperation With the Armenian Community In Glendale


On August 7, TAES First Deputy Minister Vache Terteryan, Head of the Staff Hamlet Hakobyan and Rescue Service Director, r / s Lieutenant-General Sergey Azaryan, received the member of USA Glendale City Council Vardan Karapetyan.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss Glendale and TAES Ministry cooperation development related issues, as well as various similar issues.

Welcoming the guest and expressing gratitude for the visit, V. Terteryan highlighted the unique and important role of the Armenian community of Glendale in terms of unity and patriotic activities, pointing out, that MTAES-Glendale cooperation will also serve as the implementation of those objectives.

Introducing the wide range of activities of the Ministry to V. Karapetyan, V. Terteryan noted, that Armenia managed to create Rescue Service institutional structure despite its scarce resources and in a short period of time, and being in the top ten countries with a high risk of natural disasters, honorably solves the problems set before them.

Thanks to vigorous and prolific work of TAES Minister Armen Yeritsyan, the entire staff of the Ministry, as well as close cooperation with the competent international organizations and NGOs, we have provided great achievements. The range of activities of the Ministry is so great, that in addition to the scope of Emergencies, the Ministry carries out Territorial Administration of 915 communities of Armenia, including the capital - Yerevan. The first prerequisite of successful management is Minister A. Yeritsyan’s great reputation, as most of the Territorial Administration related issues are agreed with the Minister, therefore, the Ministry of TAES is considered to be significant one, - noted V. Terteryan.

Referring to the achievements of the Ministry, V. Terteryan stressed the importance of the progress in the field of seismic service recorded in Armenia after the Spitak earthquake in 1988, and presented the guest Garni geophysical observatory.

-Garni Observatory will be one of the best in the world and a unique one - in the region. It’s deformograph is unique due to its size. The Observatory will also become a scientific research center. Among the achievements, I would also like to highlight the fact, that Armenia has applied for integration in the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group of the United Nations. The qualification process will be held in September this year, and our expectations are very great, - concluded V. Terteryan.

Expressing gratitude for warm reception, V. Karapetyan noted, that the Armenian community of Glendale attaches great importance to Pan-Armenian cooperation and are always ready to support.

-The Pan-Armenian Games, that are going on these days, are very important for us. This enables to create a contact between Armenians in Armenia, NKR and Armenians worldwide, and many people have the opportunity to visit their homeland. It is also important for us to share experience and knowledge. Next year, we plan to send a delegation composed of our RS specialists from various divisions to Armenia. We also do a lot of work to transfer Armenia rescue equipment from Glendale,- concluded V. Karapetyan.

At the end of the meeting, V. Karapetyan, accompanied by the official staff of MTAES, toured the territory of the Ministry, got acquainted with the staff, technical equipment, the RA Government backup server center, “911” service features and activities of the Crisis Management National Center.

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