V. Terteryan Received T. Hristea, at the Completion of His Diplomatic Mission


On July 21, the RA TAEs First Deputy Minister Vache Terteryan received the Head of the European Union Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Traian Hristea, at the completion of his diplomatic mission in Armenia.

V. Terteryan on his own behalf and on behalf of the Minister expressed gratitude to the Head of the EU delegation for effective programs carried out during the mission and for close cooperation between the EU and MTAES.
- Thanks to the efforts of your team and You personally, our cooperation with the European Union has been developing dynamically through the recent years, and an effective platform is created for the further development and expansion of bilateral relations.

Thanking the Deputy Minister, for the constructive cooperation during his diplomatic mission, Ambassador Hristea expressed confidence, that the next head of the EU delegation in Armenia will also contribute to the strengthening of bilateral cooperation, at the same time asked to assist him in this matter. T. Hristea assured, that the EU will continue to support Armenia.

During the meeting V. Terteryan and T. Hristea discussed the programs, launched in the framework of Armenia - EU cooperation, as well as bilateral cooperation related issues were touched upon.

In conclusion, V. Terteryan wished Traian Hristea success in his further activities, expressing confidence, that in his new position as well, he will continue to maintain friendly relations with Armenia. 

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