The regular meeting of the RA Government was held


Today the regular meeting of the RA Government was conducted by Mr. Hovik Abrahamyan, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Territorial Administration of the Republic of Armenia.
The executive authority has approved the draft law “On local self-government and territorial administration in Yerevan city”. One week deadline was given to discuss a draft with all ministries and institutions, then to conduct a consultation at the RA Prime Minister.

The Government has also approved the draft law on amendment in RA Law “On Application of cash registers”. By the same Decree the drafts on changes in RA Laws “On Licensing” and “On State Tax” were approved.

It was proposed to distinguish the following licenses for passenger-transportation: one passenger-taxi car by private entrepreneurs; more than one passenger-taxi cars by private entrepreneurs; passenger-taxi cars by organizations.

By the changes in RA Law “On State Tax” it was proposed to define yearly state tax for providing license for one passenger-taxi car transportation by private entrepreneurs as 25-fold of the basic tax instead of previous 200-fold. The current rate for all the other cases has remained the same.

The Government has also approved the draft laws on amendment and changes in the RA Election Code, Land Code, Civil Code, and Administrative Infringements, in the RA Laws “On Local Self-Government”, “On State Reimbursement Order of the Losses from Community Budget Incomes as a result of Application of the RA Laws on Reduction of Community Budget Incomes”, “On Community Service”, “On Local Referendum”, “On Local Taxes and Payments”, “On the RA Administrative-Territorial Division”, etc.
These drafts will be presented to the RA National Assembly in accordance with established procedure.

The executive authority discussed also other issues included in the Agenda.

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